Training people in areas they already know can be a waste of everyone’s time, money and resources. This is where Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) comes in: RPL is a process for granting prospective students entry into a qualification, or credit towards a qualification based on their prior learning.

Such prior learning refers to when the prospective student can demonstrate skills, knowledge and experience gained at any stage of their life, through formal and/ or informal learning, including through work, study and volunteering. The essential principal here: it doesn’t matter where you learned, it only matters what you learned.

Through RPL, credit given may reduce the time needed for students to achieve a qualification and in some cases, students can even get a full qualification straight up!

Am I eligible for RPL?

Different course providers have different policies for RPL. To learn what extent you may be qualified for RPL, you will need to contact your course provider, or the course provider which you intend to study with.

It is important to note that applying for RPL can sometimes be a laborious process, so expect to dedicate some time filling out forms and gathering evidence of prior learning.

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