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10809NAT – Course in Electrician – Minimum Australian Context Gap

10 weeks
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Entrants to the 10809NAT Course in Electrician – Minimum Australian Context Gap must:
• hold an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) for a UEE30811 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician (or successor)
• hold a provisional/restricted licence issued by the regulatory authority responsible for regulating electrical work and licensing of workers in the jurisdiction where the training will take place
• be engaged (employed) as an electrical worker or have access to a workplace environment that replicates workplace conditions
• hold a certificate of currency for resuscitation (CPR) within the last twelve months and can provide a certificate of currency
Language, Literacy & Numeracy

Applicants must undertake a language, literacy and numeracy assessment during their induction session prior to beginning the qualification. Results will be assessed on an individual level by the assessor.

Depending upon the level of support required for the language, literacy or numeracy an alternative training and assessment methods may be used or the learners will be recommended to pursue Foundation Skills program, which will help them fulfil the LLN gap and achieve the qualification.

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