Qualification Description

This qualification applies to senior building designers who are typically responsible for managing a building design practice and undertake building design projects covered by the Building Code of Australia (BCA), including the design of both Type A and Type B constructions.

Senior building designers typically design Type A constructions as defined within the BCA. They may specialise in the full range of residential, commercial, public or industrial projects, including new buildings and renovations.

This qualification provides a direct pathway from the Graduate Certificate in Building Design. It provides the opportunity for the recognition of units of competency already achieved in the Graduate Certificate.

Units of competency

CPCMCM7001A Plan and manage complex projects
CPCMCM7002A Manage the quality of projects and processes
CPPBDN8001A Research and evaluate construction materials and methods for complex building design projects
CPPBDN8002A Research compliance requirements for complex building design projects
CPPBDN8003A Scope and initiate large and complex building design projects
CPPBDN8004A Lead the building design team
CPPBDN8005A Manage the tendering and construction process for a client
CPPBDN8006A Identify and manage new building design technologies
CPPBDN8007A Manage the design of Type A constructions
CPPCMN8001A Lead the strategic planning process for an enterprise

Course Summary

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