Accounts and Finance

This qualification is designed to reflect the job roles of contract bookkeepers and employees performing bookkeeping tasks for organisations in a range of industries.

Study Accounts and Finance

When you are ambitious about your career in the business sector, you may find Account and Finance most admiring subjects. Accounts and Finance are the most integral parts of the business world. We all know the benefits of accounting in business. Accounts and Finance degree ensure a successful pathway ahead.

Accounts and Finance

In the modern definition of accounting it says, Accounts sector collect and process vital data of money transaction, financial decisions. Mainly doing the record, classify, summaries, interpret the financial data of any business day by day are the objectives of accounting. The Finance department is decision makers, they overview the raw data and make the decision for future. Provide the company’s financial information to other parties who are interested in their business is another objective of Accounting.

Their main focus is the company’s profit. They try to influence the overall business with their wise analytical decisions. The modern definition of accounting and finance give us a clear view on it.

These two are so connected that often students take both of Accounts and Finance courses. That diverse their career pathway.

Courses we provide

We are offering various courses online for students. When you willing to push your level to enhance your opportunity to become successful as a business personality our course will lead you to your goal. We intend to provide you with the basic fundamental to start your study on Accounts and Finance.

Accounts and Finance have been a vast influence in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) area. These courses are certified as IV, diplomas and advanced diplomas in accounting and Finance. Our Currently available online courses are mentioned in below list

    Certificate IV in Bookkeeping

    Diploma of Accounting

    Advanced Diploma of Accounting

    Diploma of Financial Planning

    Certificate III in Financial Services

    Diploma of Financial Services

    Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management


Entry requirements

Applicants must have the academic background and English language proficiency. This varies on course and qualification. Mathematics background in secondary school also can apply for it.

Why students choose Australia for their degree in Accounts and Finance

International students are really interested to get their degree in Accounts and Finance as they understand the importance of studying Accounting. In fact, more than half of students in Accounts and Finance are from overseas (The Good Universities Guide 2015).

Now everyone is well focused on higher study and job opportunity both. Australia has different types of career options for overseas students. You can attend Bachelor or Master’s degree for your professional career. Australia offers international students global standard courses and programs on Accounts and Finance.

In the Top 50 Band of QS World University Ranking 2017, 6 Australian Universities are enlisted those provide Accounts and Finance related courses. So Australia is well known for this subject related study. Study cost is also a vital fact. Many College and University provide low – cost courses and scholarship.

In today’s business world importance of studying accounting is increasing. Australian job markets are always asking for the accountant and financial manager.  According to the Australian Government Australian Careers website, the average weekly earnings for accountants is 20% higher and for financial managers is 39% higher than the other occupations’ average wage and the job prospects are very promising.

Moreover, Australia is known for its cultural diversity, friendly environment and quality of living.

Visa process

After our course, you may apply to your desired university. If they accept your application then you have to go through the visa process. You must apply online for your visa. You must fulfill your Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE), financial, health, character and English proficiency requirements. You must fill up your online form and submit all the required documents. If you submit all documents and did steps correctly then you are definitely eligible for a student visa.

Why choose us

An online course is always a great choice to start at home. It’s also the perfect fit for distance study. You will get your desired courses which also effective for your career growth. As you know the importance of studying accounting you will want an easy and focused course curriculum. We focused on the course content effectively so that it helps you get the best quality. You can credit transfer in renowned Universities that minimize study time. Our courses act as an asset in the job market. You may also choose a course related to your current job to enhance your skills. Our online courses help you to get more close to your dream jobs. We provide all facilities you required to achieve your certificate and try to make you more compatible for real job.


International Students have the opportunity for accreditation. There is a term in CPA Australia, according to that, international graduates of approved Accounting and Finance programs are qualified for CPA Associate membership in Australia. You need to complete your program successfully for it.

Job opportunities

Every big, small business has an accounting department. Benefits of accounting in business are endless. Profit in your business basically depends on your Accounting and Finance department. So you will certainly hire people in these two departments.

That’s why the Accounts and Finance sector salary is damn high. Salary range is increasing day by day. Right now from different assumption both of these sector potential growths is very promising.

Medium pay for a Financial Analyst in 2014 was $78,620 per year, $37.80 per hour according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The number of Financial Analyst jobs is projected to grow by 12% in 2014 – 2024.

Medium pay for an Accountants and Auditors in 2014 was $65,940 per year, $31.70 per hour according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The number of Financial Analyst jobs is projected to grow by 11% in 2014 – 2024.

The average salary for an Accountant is $70,543 per year in Australia. It is estimated based on 3,503 past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months

Both of the growth rates are above-average growth rates. So Accountants and Finance Analyst are in high demand. Overall statistics show how hectic it is.

Begin the Journey

Choose the online course that gives you the right resources to play your role properly. That influence your career in the best effective way. As your benefits from your study are ultimately the benefits of accounting in business.

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